The best and worst Orioles Players' Weekend nicknames

 Michael Dwyer/AP

Michael Dwyer/AP

Players' Weekend is back for a second consecutive year, which means once again the Orioles got to be creative with their nicknames. First, let's take a look at the uniforms:

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The uniforms looks fantastic, but that's not why you clicked on this article. It's time to take a look at the best and worst nicknames selected by the Orioles this season.


The Best

Paul Fry - "Papa Frita"


Papa frita translates to "french fry," which is about as brilliant of a nickname as you can get when you have the last name Fry. Well done, Paul. Well done.

Richard Bleier - "Dickie B"

Never have I been more disappointed that Richard Bleier is on the disabled list than I am today. The Orioles haven't had many positive highlights this season, but Bleier taking the mound wearing "Dickie B" on his back would've been one of them. Damn you, baseball gods.

Jhan Mariñez - "El Electricidad"

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Electricidad is electricity in Spanish, which is a solid nickname for a guy who can throw a four-seamer 95mph.


The Worst

Mark Trumbo - "Trum"

lf (3).jpeg

Is that really the best you've got, Mark? Literally any nickname would have been more interesting than "Trum," but I guess we shouldn't expect much from a guy who complained about celebratory pies.

Danny Valencia - "Slugger"

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This was such a good place to use "Danny Boy." Instead, we got "Slugger." Do better, Danny.

Alex Cobb - "Cobb"

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Cobb Salad? Corn Cobb? Nope. Just Cobb. 


Overall, the Orioles nicknames were disappointing, but there were a few bright spots. Paul Fry wins this year. Mark Trumbo, please stop being lame.