To Cheer or Not To Cheer? That is the Question.

     When Brian Roberts comes up for his first at bat this weekend what will you do?  I see it as you have 2 options. You can sit in your seat and boo him for going to the Yankees or you can stand up and clap and cheer and thank him for his years in Baltimore.   I guess the third option could be indifference, but I'm not sure if indifference really belongs in sports.

What will I do?

     I will stand up and cheer because that is what he deserves.  Brian Roberts played for 13 years in Baltimore; he played on some horrible baseball teams. He was the highlight of so many of those years. He played hard in every single game.  He was committed to the community of Baltimore. He worked at food banks and charity events.  He wanted to  bring a championship to Baltimore more than anyone but the rest of the team just couldn't cut it.  It is a team sport and one player can't do it alone.

     Then things went bad for Brian. In 2010 he missed a lot of spring training with a herniated disc; he then missed some of the season with an abdominal strain. In September of that year he hit himself in the head with his baseball bat out of frustration; he was out the rest of the year. The next year, 2011, he got another concussion and suddenly Brian Roberts was no longer the same man. Years of concussion symptoms would follow. In 2010 he played in 59 games, in 2011 39 games, 2012 we saw him for 17 games, then in 2013 he played in 77 games. It looked like Brian was starting to get heathy but his contract with the Orioles was over. Brian then signed with the New York Yankees to the dismay of fans. How is that working out for him? Well, pretty well. He has played in 79 games so far this year while batting .246. Brian Roberts may finally be healthy; unfortunately it is in pinstripes. So there is the predicament, Brian Roberts the guy you loved to cheer for years, the guy you felt sorry for because he missed the magical 2012 season, the guy you constantly said would make the team better once he is healthy, is finally healthy.

     He is healthy in New York, healthy in pinstripes,  healthy on the team you hate.  


     I will be going to the game on Saturday. I will look past the pinstripes for that first walk to the plate. I will cheer and thank Brian for what he did in Baltimore. However once he gets in that batters box, he is a New York Yankee and I no longer see a name, just pinstripes.

I loved you Brian Roberts and I will welcome you back into the folds of Baltimore, as soon as you put away that  New York Yankee uniform.  Until then I will remember the young Brian Roberts.