Featured 336er - Daniel Sellin


Long time listeners probably know Daniel as a long time listener and caller. He has supported Section 336 in many ways and seems to have a knack at getting cut off every time he calls the listener line. This week Daniel launched his own website and podcast.  Daniel is only 11 years old so we expect huge things from him by the time he is our age. Check out his site and website http://www.birdlandeagle.com

Here is Daniel's first podcast and blog post:  

Episode 1 - Major League Debut


Welcome to the Birdland Eagle Podcast website. My name is Daniel . My friends call me D.C. but you can call me whatever you want. I'm your average obnoixous ennoying sister-terrorizing one direction hating 11 year old boy. The only thing different about me is that I have an extreme passion for the Orioles and Capitals. And i just want to tell you a little about myself.

Now maybe most of you awesome listeners know me as the kid who kept leaving voice messages on the Section 336 listener line. (And believe me I haven't stopped). And that pretty much started with Section 336 (section336.com).

They announced that they were having an event called night at the yard which is an event where the listeners and Matt,Bert, and Josh gathered at Camden Yards to watch some baseball and chat with the other listeners. Me and my Dad always take the light rail to Baltimore and guess who happened to be sitting in a morph suit wearing a section 336 t-shirt? The intern. And we just sat down and you can't miss a guy wearing a morph suit wearing a Section 336 t-shirt. So me and my dad just causuely wandered towards the intern. "Hey aren't you the intern?" I asked He said yes and I pretty much exploded. throughout the entire train ride I just sat there and talked the intern's ears off. Here's what I pretty much said. "blah blah blah blah blah Orioles blah blah blah Baseball Cards yak yak yak yak yak yak yak Francisco Rodriquez talk talk". Just ask the intern. The train ride finally ended (thankfully for poor intern) and we made our way to our seats. I don't really remember all that happened in the beggining of the game all I know is that the Astros got on top early and in the 3rd inning, I believe Jonathan Villar stole home and at that point the air was already let out of that stadium. "COME ON TRABER" i yelled but of course nobody really paid me any attention.

Then Chris Davis hit a BOMB to left field that cleared the fence that gave the Orioles the lead and we went on to win it. Later they said that they were opening up there phone lines to talk about night at the yard. And of course I called in. And talked about everything that was going on in the Birdesphere. To hear these calls you can find it on Episode 20 Hermanos of Section 336 at the 19:44-26:20. or in my podcast Birdland Eagle episode 1 child play. Anyway so sevaral weeks passed and nothing really interesting was happening until one day I was at my grandparents and my dad called and said that Section 336 had thier phone lines open to talk about the offseason. How could I refuse? To hear that call you can listen to Section 336 episode 39 Holy Wow! At the 53:20-1:04:22 or my podcast episode 1 child play I recommend you listen to the whole thing :) Agian a few weeks passed and agian nothing to interesting happened (not that I would remember if anything did happen). And I was just browsing throught thier facebook page and I saw that they were having a live show at Mother's Peninsula Grill in Annapolis. And as soon as I saw my Dad I went blabbing again. "DaddaddadheydadSection336ishavingaliveshowatthisplacecalledMOtherscanwego?pleasepleasepleaseplease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Well all right" my dad said. You would think I just asked to donate a kidney or something. We went to Mother's and the weather was crap. Not that I cared about the Weather. As soon as I walked in I knew that mother's was definitly my kind of joint. This guy who worked there came up to me and said "If you're wearing Orioles gear you can do whatever you want." SWEET. I wish I could find a joint like this near where I live. I ordered a AMAZING burger and most of the people waited patiently and the theme song started I made my way towards thier table and plopped myself agianst a pillar in front of thier table. The show was great throughtout the whole thing. But finally they asked if anybody would like to come do a bold prediction I took a while I was kind of waiting for anybody else but apperently they were wating for me to come up. " Go on up" most of the people were saying to ME. As I took the first few steps people where cheering and clapping. I stepped up there and didn't really give prediction but I took it. I was getting a lot of cheers and applause throught out the whole thing. It FELT AWESOME!:) To hear this part of my apperance go to Section336.com and find the one year live show and go to 57:42-1:02:14 that's the lenght of my appearance in case you were wondering. They called up Dillon from Orioles Uncensored and Dad had told me that I was already was in the position to potentialy do some rapid fire. So of course I came up and they asked me who the opening day starting pitcher was going to be and I was wrong (for once:) ) to hear this part go to 1:08:20-1:13:13.The one year live show was great and everybody went home happy. More weeks passed and they asked for a rapid fire question. A few weeks later they had the second night at the yard. Me and my Dad were really exited. We took our usual route throught the Light Rail. (We didn't run into the intern unfortunetly). When we got to our seats Bert was on the stairs to greet us. "What up Section 336eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssss. A few minutes later Jake from Bird's Eye View came and sat down to my right. I didn't listen to Bird's Eye View daily like I obviously did to Section 336 but I obviously knew who Jake was. I wanted to say Hi or ask him a question or SOMETHING but I just wanted to wait until the right time and it eventually came. I asked Dad to get some Hot Dogs I wanted to stay in my seat just in case anything good happened. And before I knew it Josh had come on over to say Hi to Jake. He sat in my Dad's seat to my left and Jake was on my right. They were both leaning over me and I just sat back in my seat thinking "Cool". Josh finally said "Hey have you met Daniel the (some word I can't pronounce). "You're Daniel cool pleasure to meet you" " Again this whole time I'm thinking "Cool". I can't believe people from other popular podcasts even know my Name. I had come prepared for a situation like this. "Hey you guys mind if I show off"? "Sure" they both said. "I had sorted through my about 2,000 or so baseball cards and cathered up the BEST cards. I have a personaly autographed Adam Jones card from the first year he was on the Orioles (my personal favorite of course). 2 autographed Scott McGregor cards, A autographed Chris Tillman (these cards are all personaly autographed) A whole bunch of Cal Ripken Jr. cards, a Ken Griffey Jr. all-star rookie card. A Yvon Labre autographed card from 1975. A autographed Ken Klee card. A whole page filled with Adam Oates cards, a Miguel Tejada rookie card, an autographed RICK DEMPSEY, a autographed Luke Scott card, a autographed Chris Hoiles card, and all sorts of other non autographed cards. Throughout this time Josh and Jake throw in comments like "Hey I remember that one" and "Nice". Adam Jones hit a home run in the first inning and already I and i'm sure most of the other people felt like "Hey alright alright We got this game" Jimenez pitch great shutout the Tigers through 7 innings. And we headed to the 9th inning 1-0 and it was a tough time for everbody who was there and watching the game but let me just say that we ended up LOSING 4-1 after Miggy Cabrera hit a three-run-home run and then Victor Martinez hit another home run on the very next pitch. But other then that everybody had a good time in Section 336.

I had dicided to start my own podcast at this point because everybody likes to hear me talk about the Orioles. To hear my latest calling to section 336.It is on Episode 59 Swing Weight at 47:05-58:14 I hope I you enjoy my show and it makes you laugh.

Daniel "D.C."