Pod 260 : 5 Years of Podcasting

Today's show starts like it does at every time this year, the reading of Matt's brackets. We are joined in studio by Stan "The Fan" Charles. Stan is a legend in the Baltimore sports media and we have a lot of fun with him in studio. We talk Orioles offseason, Kids Cheer Free, and a little Bert's GameTime.Today's show is brought to you by LoopLeague.com Join us in a March Madness competition to be the king of the coconuts. Join our league at http://bit.ly/2p9jwNe

Pod 259 : Lauren

This week we use Boy Meets World to explain the Manny Machado situation and channel a little Jim Cramer to look at the current rotation. We also talk about the what we have seen so far out of the Orioles in Sarasota.

Pod 257 : Rhino Skin

Today on the show, we get our Curling questions answered and then we dig into the Orioles. The Orioles signed 2 Starting pitchers this week. We break down our thoughts on Andrew Cashner, Chris Tillman and the current state of the Orioles including analyzing quotes from Adam Jones

Pod 256 : Cashner Signs, Birdland Responds

Baltimore Orioles latest news: Today is a special Friday, Super Show, because the Orioles actually made a move as Andrew Cashner Joins Orioles.  Andrew Cashner signed with the Orioles.  So we wanted to put out the feelers in Birdland so we called many of our friends and built this show.  You at least know some of our guests if not all of them today.  We want to thank all of Birdland that joined us tonight.

    Pod 253 : Shutter

    Paul Valle Podcast with Section336. Today on the show we welcome Paul Valle from EutawStreetReport.com in studio. We talk about the news from Orioles Fanfest and what Matt did to embarrass himself.

    Pod 251 : Billy Ripken Story

    Today on the show we are joined by Drew Forrester from DrewsMorningDish.com. Drew immediately throws Matt off his plan for the show and we talk NFL Playoffs, Manny Machado, Mike Trout, Orioles Pitching, Maryland Basketball, and wherever else Drew wants to take the show.

    Pod 248 : I'm With Charles

    Today on the show we welcome Charlie Hoppes to the program to talk ALOT of Orioles, Manny Machado, Dan Duquette, Buck Showalter, Adam Jones and of course Ryan Flaherty. We also manage to talk a little Football, Ultimate Frisbee, and Curling.

    Pod 246 : Experiences

    Today on the show we talk about our Experience of watching the Ravens game on Sunday Night. We then get into the MLB Winter Meetings, The Baltimore Orioles, and Some Orioles Experiences. What would you like to do with an Orioles player?

    Pod 245 : But

    Today on the show. Are the Ravens for real? Is Dan Duquette trustworthy? Are you a Strawberry or a Coconut? and a lot more like always #Baltimore #Ravens #Orioles