For Fans, By Fans : Announcement


Five years ago, three orioles-obsessed brothers started the Section 336 Podcast.  We weren't quite sure what it would become at that time, just that we wanted to do a show For Fans, By Fans. It was frustrating hearing radio stations claim to be the "voice of the fan" when we did not believe they could genuinely represent a true fan's experience. So Baltimore's Next Generation of Sports Talk was born.


What many people do not know is that before the Section 336 podcast existed, Matt had started started as a blog where he could rant, rave and express his opinions for the Orioles season. He chose the name - Section 336 - based on our seats at Camden Yards, representing our desire to be a voice of all fans at the ballpark.

If you have been following 336 for the past 5 years, you know we push the envelope. We were the first Baltimore sports podcast to have mini daily episodes.  We were the first to have video recaps immediately after ballgames.  We started the first Baltimore sports podcast network.  We also started Birdland Radio.


Today’s announcement is not new.  We are going to back to our beginnings as a blog. That may not sound exciting, but remember our slogan: For Fans, By Fans.  We are doubling down and being the voice of the true Baltimore Sports fan. This is what makes us different. We want YOU involved. If you have opinions about the Orioles, need a little more space than Twitter can handle, then we want YOUR thoughts. You can write for Section 336 whenever you have something to say. Yes, we will have some daily writers. Matt, Bert & Josh will also write occasionally. But what we really want is for this to be YOUR voice.  Let us give you a platform for the whole world to see what amazing fans Baltimore has.

If you would like to join us on the journey, already have something to say, or have questions, send us an email to or hit Josh up on Social Media.